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Umm Al Qura Health Polyclinic

To Reach out to all the citizens of the Holy Makkah, we have a shuttle unit, a combination of major clinical specialties in the another extremely easy approachable, central city area, just behind Kentucky Restaurant the main Umm Al Qura road, the main Road leading to the most Sacred, World Famous AL-Harm Mosque.

Umm Al Qura POLY Clinic is extending medical advice and treatment in Medicine, Surgery, ENT, Pediatrics, Eye, Gynecology & obstetrics, Radiology & dentistry.

Umm Al -Qura Polyclinic has facilities of Ultrasonographies, ECG, Plain X-Ray, IVP, under supervision of Radiologist.

Laboratory services are also present for all routine Investigations. 24-hours medical emergencies are handled and Consultant and Specialists are On-Call for Expert advice & treatment.

In addition to routine O.P.D Timings of 9.00 AM to 1.00PM and 5.00 PM to 10.00 PM, doctors are also available for home visits or where ever the patient is present. Consultations and investigations are done with most reasonable charges.

24 Hours Pharmacy is also a great support to Polyclinic patients as the prescribed medicines are readily available and this facilitates the Nursing staff to educate the patients and their family members in case they need further explanation (despite pharmacist instructions) regarding how to use the prescribed medicines.